Do you fancy yourself a singer? Can you play the guitar, lute, harpsichord? Can you make a chicken appear out of a hat? Do you dance, tell jokes, toss good, clean insults, or perhaps you can do a little of all of these? We're looking for you!

Stage Performers and Acts may include musicians, drama troupes, dancers, magicians, swordsmen, or similar styles of period-related acts. Stage acts will be contracted to appear for each of the four days of The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival. Stage Acts that cannot appear on any of the four days of the Faire will be required to disclose this at the time of contract.  Stage Performer Acts must supply their own props and stage signs for their performance. To be considered for a Stage Performer or Act, the duration of the act must be no less than 30 minutes. Please see the Performer application for more details of Stage Performers and Acts.

Street Performers may include musicians, poets, drama troupes, dancers, magicians, or similar styles of period-related acts. Street Performers may use a hat, wooden box, or basket to collect busking donations from patrons. This is an opportunity to be paid for your performance. 

To become a Performer, please click on this Application link:



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