2021 Maiden Faire Etiquette

The Faire is for Everyone!

Maiden Faire is an event that caters to patrons of all ages. Whilst we wish for all patrons to enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, and making merry, we ask that our older patrons are mindful of the younger folk and the younger folk be respectful to ye elders. 

Service Animals

Only service animals are allowed into The Maiden Faire. The Americans with Disabilites Act prohibits anyone associated with The Maiden Faire to request certification; however, you may be asked what tasks the animal has been trained to perform. 

Weapons and Peace Bonding

Whilst you may wear or purchase period-related weaponry, you may be required to peace-bond your weapon. This is for the safety and comfort of all patrons, vendors, cast and staff at The Maiden Faire. If you purchase a weapon/replica at The Maiden Faire, you are welcome to return it to your vehicle for safe-keeping and re-enter The Maiden Faire. Peace-bonding will be performed by your weapon being "tied" to its sheath by way of zip ties. Wood weapons will be allowed but must not be wielded in a manner that could or would cause harm to anyone. Rough-housing with a wooden weapon will result in security asking that the weapon be stored in your vehicle, after which you may re-enter. Long bows must be unstrung. Unless as part of an archery contest or the like, no strung long bows will be allowed at The Maiden Faire. After contest participation, bows must be unstrung. No bolts or arrows are allowed to be carried at The Maiden Faire. If purchasing bolts or arrows, they must be taken to your vehicle after which you may re-enter the Faire.

Faire Security

For the safety and security of everyone involved in the Maiden Faire, be prepared to have your bags searched at the entrance. No firearms or dangerous weapons will be allowed through the gates. Period related weapons and peace bonding is described above. Uniformed security guards will be on duty at all times during the Faire.


Please be respectful of all event-goers and refrain from the use of profanity while at the Faire! 

No outside food or drinks please. Our food vendors will have many tasty treats to offer.

Be courteous to others whilst attending The Maiden Faire.