Faire Speak

Commonly referred to as Elizabethan English, you are likely to hear a number of unfamiliar phrases and terms whilst visiting The Maiden Faire, and Elizabethan English (EE) is the language you will most likely hear. Patrons are not required to interact with Cast and Crew using EE, but are encouraged to do so. Below is a list of common phrases and terms you will hear at Maiden Faire.

When Greeting other Patrons and Faire Cast:

     "Good morrow" | "Good day"

Greeting a King or Queen begins with a nod, bow, or curtsy:

     King: "Your Majesty"  |  Queen: "Your Highness", "Your Majesty", or "Your Grace"

Typically the nobility is well-dressed, standing them out from the crowd, however, if you do not know a person's rank for certain, the best way to address them is:

Greeting a Male - "My Lord" | Greeting a Female - "My Lady". 

General Terms and Words you may hear (and we encourage you to use):

Young lady of virtue - "Maid" "Maiden"

Young lady - "Wench" (be careful when using this term; it may offend some)

Young boy - "Lad"

Small Child - "Poppet"

Woman - "Mum"

Yes - "Aye" "Yay"

No - "Nay"

Never - "N'er"

Often - "Oft"

Before - "E'er"

Here - "Hither"

There - "Yon" or "Yonder"

Why - "Wherefore"

Maybe - "Mayhap" or "Perchance"

Please - "Prithee"

Please tell me - "Pray tell"

Thank you - "Grammercy"

Excuse me - "Pardon" or "Pray pardon"

Kitchen - "Galley"

Bathroom - "Privy"

Bedroom - "Chamber" or "Bedchamber"

Beer - "Ale" "Mead"

Live it up, or party - "Carouse"

Common Exclamations in EE: