About The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival


Hear ye, hear ye! Journey with us to a place in time when art, literature, and philosophy bloomed. The fictional village of Wickham Hollow sets the stage for comedy, magic, music, art, literature and dance. It is a place where all villagers may unite and delight in the Festivities of the Renewal ... The Renaissance. 


The Stage is Set:

The year is 1550, and Wickham Hollow prepares for their annual Maiden Faire - the celebration of the beginning of Summer. Townspeople, farmers, traders, and entertainers gather in town proper for festivities and celebrations in hopes to please the King and Queen, enough so that the Royals will add Wickham Hollow to their Summer Progresses. 

The good people of Wickham Hollow cordially invites you to enjoy all that The Maiden Faire has to offer.

2021 Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival Advisory Board

Lisa Miller-Howard - Owner/Coordinator

Cheyenne Womack - Vendor Manager

Mick Fisher - Historian

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