Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival. We are thrilled that you wish to present your wares to our patrons during the 2022 season. During our inaugural season in 2021, 1561 patrons attended. The popularity of the festival is already growing - and a blooming interest has been seen in the days since the festival, with many patrons messaging us about purchasing tickets for the 2022 season, including group events, as well as performers and vendors contacting us with a desire to be included. We have opened ticket pre-sales for those patrons who have inquired and we're already well on our way to soar past 2021 patron count. We expect anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 patrons minimum. 

Please read all of the information below and click the link above to complete the application.


*All vendors' structures used to present merchandise to patrons must not show any modern materials such as plastic, vinyl, or metal. 

*Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival will allow a maximum of three people to be in attendance under your application/business name. All other helpers, employees, runners, etc. will be required to have festival passes (wristbands) that they or you purchase. 

*Vendors must arrive no later than 6 pm on Friday, May 20 and must be ready to sell their merchandise beginning at 10 am on Saturday May 21, 2022. 

*Vendors must stay for the entirety of the festival. Pulling out of the festival early will result in the loss of your deposit and you will risk not having approval in future festivals hosted by H2 Events LLC. 

*Vendors must send photographs or samples of their wares. Samples will only be returned if return postage is included in the original package. Photographs cannot be returned.

*Vendors are required to dress in period attire. Please be prepared for any type of weather. 

*All vendors must be respectful of their fellow vendors, entertainers, and all patrons, and are subject to immediate removal by H2 Events LLC at any time for any reason. 

*Vendors are required to carry liability insurance for their booth or you may choose to be covered under the H2 Events LLC policy for $60. The policy we carry is a $1,000,000 liability plan that will only include your vendor area if you opt in to this coverage through our policy. If you do not opt in to this policy, you must provide proof of coverage for your event space. Your policy must carry a $1,000,000 minimum liability.

*All vendors are required to be set up with their vehicles off of the field on Friday, May 20, 2022 by no later than 8 pm, or if Saturday morning is your only option for setup, you must arrive no later than 7:30 am, and all vehicles must be off of the field and parked by no later than 9:00 am. Please allow yourselves ample time to arrive, setup and move your vehicle (including trailers).

*Electricity access may not be available and you should be prepared for that possibility. We will have a separate transformer set up, but access may still be limited. Please bring extension cords with ample length to reach the posts which will be marked on the vendor map.

*A $50 deposit must accompany the application. The deposit is only refundable if the conditions above are met. Your deposit will be returned if: a) you are not accepted as a vendor; b) you are accepted and do not cancel prior to attending the festival; and c) you are accepted, and stay for the entirety of the festival. 

Vendor application deadline is: February 28, 2022. Accepted vendors will receive an information packet via email within two weeks of their acceptance into the festival. Please see important dates below for fee breaks. 

Vending fees are for the entire run of the festival and are a separate charge from the deposit that must accompany this application. 

Vendor fee schedule is as follows: 

20'x20' booth space - $150. 

Apply After July 31, 2021 - add $25. ($175 plus $50 deposit)
Apply After October 31, 2021 - add $50 ($200 plus $50 deposit)

Booth space is limited and will go quickly. Vendor applications are considered on a first come, first served basis, with prime location being granted in the order the application arrives (by date and time stamp) and is accepted. All vendor considerations for inclusion are at the sole discretion of H2 Events LLC, The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival, and past vendors are not excluded from exclusionary possibilities.