2021 Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival Sponsors

Become a Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival Sponsor for 2021

Why Sponsor?

The highly anticipated Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival will take place on May 29, 30, 31, and June 5, 6, 2021, just outside of Farmington, Missouri. Vendors, entertainers and patrons from all across the United States will be joining us, and sponsoring this 5-day event is a spectacular opportunity to get right in their faces! 

Who Does The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival Appeal To?

Everyone loves a festival, but when you throw knights, princesses, fairies, goblins, sword fights, pirates, shoppes, alchemists, turkey legs, and proper English maidens into the mix, you have a winning combination that draws people in and keeps them coming back. People of all ages love Renaissance festivals, but let's take an even closer look at Renaissance Festival demographics:

Distance traveled for attendance (one-way):

Less than 20 miles - 34%

20 miles to 50 miles - 32%

51 miles to 75 miles - 18%

76 miles to 100 miles - 10%

101 to 150 miles - 4%

Over 150 miles - 2%

Average age of attendees: 30-49 years of age.

Gender: Male-37%, Female - 63%

(From Gross thesis, 2005 and follow-up 2015)


How do Festival attendees know I've sponsored?

Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival hands each patron a copy of The Wickham Village Voice. This very useful scroll style paper includes the stage schedule and the festival map. It is reviewed over and over during each visit. We also create period-style signs for your business that will be posted in strategic locations at the festival (entrance, near food vendors, pubs, stages, rest areas, and shoppes. Sponsors can even "sponsor" a special area in the festival such as a stage, a pub, a rest area, or the entrance itself whereby we include the sponsor's name at the entrance of the special area. For example, the first stage may be The Tempest stage. The business that sponsors that stage will have the period-style signing at the entrance to the stage area. 

How do I get in on sponsorship for this excellent Festival?

We want to make it as easy for you as you'd like. You may either call us at the main office (573-664-1313), email the main office at info@themaidenfair.com, or you can complete the form using the link at the bottom of this page. We will then contact you for your logo files, create a period-style sign you can be proud of (of course we won't use it without your written permission, but that's down the line), and get you listed on our advertising. Easy, right?

Levels of recognition and exchange of privileges based on declared value of sponsorship


Duchess of the Realm - $5000+ 

Full flag at the festival entrance, listings in all print, online media, and radio advertisements.

Highlighted Sponsorship in The Wickham Village Voice

10 free Adult Full Festival passes + 10 free Child Full Festival passes

Private VIP rest area
Sponsored stage, entertainment, or Pub area at the Festival

10 Street Sign banners within the Faire

Tickets for "Invitation Only" opening on Friday May 28, 2021
Early entry/ VIP reserved parking (4 Cars)

 Marquess/Marchioness of the Realm - $3000-$4999

Street flag at the festival entrance, mention in all print, online media, and radio advertisements.

Highlighted sponsorship in The Wickham Village Voice
5 Adult Full Festival Tickets, 5 Child Full Festival Tickets +Programs

Sponsored guest area, or street named for your business at the Faire.
Reserved Rest Area

Tickets for "Invitation Only" opening on Friday May 28, 2021
VIP Parking (2 cars)
8 Yard Sign ads within the Faire

Earl/Countess of the Realm - $1500-$2999
Highlighted sponsor ad in The Wickham Village Voice
3 Adult Full Festival Tickets, 3 Child Full Festival Tickets + Programs
Reserved Rest Area - Sponsor of Guest Rest Area
VIP Parking (3 Cars)
6 Yard Signs
Viscount/Viscountess of the Realm - $1000-$1499
Sponsorship listing in The Wickham Village Voice
4 Adult 1 Day Passes, 4 Child 1 Day Passes + Programs
Private Rest Area
VIP Parking (2 Cars)
4 Yard signs
Baron/Baroness of the Realm - $500-$999
Sponsorship listing
4 Adult 1 Day Passes + Programs
VIP Parking (1 Car)
Shared VIP Rest Area
Banner Ad on Entry Gate
Friends of the Faire Sponsorship - $100-499


Listing in The Wickham Village Voice
6 Adult 1 Day Passes+ Programs
Shared VIP Rest Area
Knight’s Circle Sponsorship - $50
Listed in The Wickham Village Voice
4 Adult 1 Day Passes + Programs

Shared VIP Rest Area


Sponsorship entrance tickets will arrive via USPS, or may be picked up at our Festival office. 

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