Apply to Sell at

The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival 2021

Criteria to become a vendor:

1.  Each vendor must provide a "booth" or cart that is period-designed. A booth can be a tent of any shape, or it can be a temporary building. Booth space is 20' x 20', with extra space available in 8' increments. Carts must be mobile but have either a brake or wheel chocks. Maximum cart size is 4' wide x 8' long and have no modern construction visible to the Festival patrons. All booths will be inspected for safety. If using a vinyl tent, you must cover the top in canvas, a drop cloth, linen, shake, or any other materials that prohibits the public from seeing the vinyl. Metal tent posts must be covered to prohibit the public from seeing the metal pole. Carts should be period-style in appearance.

2. Vendors and vendor's employees and/or volunteers are required to wear period-related costumes. Costumes do not have to be "home-made" and may be purchased from any vendor, Faire-related or not as long as it fits into the Tudor/Elizabethan period of the mid/late 16th century.


3. All merchant applications must be accompanied by a $50 deposit which is separate from booth fees - the booth fee listed below does not have the deposit built-in. Your deposit will only be returned to you after the entire Festival has ended on June 6, 2021, before you leave the grounds, if you have stayed for the duration of all four days of the Festival.

4. Type of merchandise: We would greatly prefer hand-crafted items that you design. Wares offered should fit with the period of the Festival (16th century). Please feel free to browse the internet for inspiration. The merchant application has an area for you to describe your wares. Photos of your merchandise is preferred. 

5. Games, Rides, Activities: If you would like to offer rides or games, they must be period-related. If offering games/rides, please use the Notes portion of the Merchant form to describe your game(s)/ride(s). You may charge entrants for participating in your game, or riding your ride. Please use the "Describe Your Merchandise" section of the Merchant application to describe the game, or ride. Photos are preferred. 

6. You must be available all days of the Festival from open to close. As we require a deposit to accompany your merchant application, you will lose your deposit if you leave early. 

7. All merchants will be required to take part in a soft open day on Friday May 28, 2021. We will open at noon and close at 4 pm on that day. This will give everyone an opportunity to make any necessary alterations. This will also be the day we invite area groups to participate in the Festival as a soft opening event. After the event, we invite you to join us at the Feast of the Maiden where we will provide you with food, drinks, and merriment!

8. All applications will be reviewed. Should your merchandise not fit in with the Festival period, we will return your deposit. (Please see a list of common wares offered by merchants at Renaissance-type events at the bottom of this page). If accepted, you will receive an informational PDF via email. At the end of that document is a link to the invoice form for vending. That form must be completed and payment made either via debit/credit, or PayPal. 

Merchant Space Pricing for entire Festival:

Booth - 20' x 20' - $150. 

Booth - Extra Frontage - $50 for each extra 8'.

Cart - $75

Rides/Games charging patrons - $150

Rides/Games not charging patrons - $0

9. Print and complete the application. Send it along with the $50 deposit, made payable to "Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival, to:

The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival

200 West First Street, Suite 100

Farmington, MO 63640

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Extended to February 28, 2021. Applicants will be assigned prime space in the order the application was received. 



DECOR: Please consider the appearance of your booth when planning to sell your wares at The Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival. Barrels, benches, and other types of decor are enticing to the Festival patrons. 

WHERE TO STAY: Venors may stay on-site at the grounds. This will cut down on expenses for your week-long stay. St. Joe State Park is also nearby (approx 1.5 miles on the same road). The phone number for St. Joe State Park is 573-431-1069. There are also several hotels in the area. Please browse our site for more information on the hotels and accommodations in the area.

SEEKING INSPIRATION? Check out other Renaissance Festivals either in person or on the Internet to get inspired. Peruse the booths, costumes, and merchandise. We want you to be successful and a little inspiration never hurt anyone.

EXPECTED NUMBER OF PATRONS: Although it is difficult to tell just how many patrons will be in attendance during the 2020 Maiden Faire Renaissance Festival, we can tell you that advertising for the Faire has already begun and will continue throughout the Festival. We have complimentary passes that we'll be handing out throughout the coming months as well. All this together will assist in reaching a large number of people in the surrounding area and throughout Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas.